In the course of our operations as a charitable theatre with a focus towards improving inclusion, equity, and justice through creative works, Worlds Elsewhere creates and maintains resources which we also make available to the public.

Congratulations to SAG-AFTRA!

With the wonderful news that SAG-AFTRA’s strike has concluded with a tentative deal with the AMPTP, WETC’s activities will begin to resume as well! The Union and its members have our heartfelt thanks for their hard work in negotiating a deal that represents the needs of performers the US in today’s media landscape.

While WETC is not a Union shop, our Repertory includes current and hopeful members, and we value their time and expertise as much as we possibly can. We fully support the Union’s aim for better pay, stable work, reasonable residual rights, and protections around usage of AI and related technologies.

We’re excited to return to making art along with them, so watch this space or follow us on socials to see what’s coming next!

“Lo-Fi Picketer Girl” art by oflaviland on Etsy

Women in American Theatre (2022)

Theatre history is full of women, including times and places when they were either completely banned from it or were the only ones allowed to make it. All this history influences American Theatre, as well as the cultures and histories of every woman who struts her hour upon the stage (or behind the curtain).

For Women’s History Month 2022, we have collected seven female theatremakers we think you should know about. Essays about them can be found here, as well as on our social media pages.

Amercan Theatre’s Black History (2022)

As part of our efforts to create a theatre that is also a force for social justice, WETC has dedicated February 2022 to give the spotlight to the Native theatre artists of the modern age and the works they have created, and intends to continue this tradition for future Native American Heritage Months.

November is National Native American Heritage Month, and in 2021 WETC honored American First Nations peoples and cultures by highlighting indigenous theatres, theatre-makers, and artists.

For more about NAHM, check out the federal website; for more about the National Day of Mourning (an alternative to Thanksgiving day observed by many US First Nations peoples), see UAINE.

WETC Supports BLM and Black Artists

Since Juneteenth 2021, Worlds Elsewhere has maintained a list of theatres and theatre organizations in the USA that bring Black stories to the stage, told by Black playwrights, performed by Black artists.

Native Lands Acknowledgement

Worlds Elsewhere Theatre Company is based in New York City, Seattle, and the Central California Coast, on lands home to the Munsee Lenape, Duwamish, Coast Salish, and Chumash peoples.