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Worlds Elsewhere Theatre Company was established to help preserve and innovate the institution of theatre by establishing a company of artists: performers, directors, writers, artisans, technical crew, and others involved in the creative process who will continue to create through the difficult times of the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

We believe in the power of theatre to bring strength and comfort in times of distress, and to act as a force for social progress. We support the values of social justice, diversity, inclusion, and charity. While our founders and the majority of our repertory company are U.S.-based, our support for universal human rights and dignity knows no borders.

Worlds Elsewhere’s charitable productions have gone to support such worthy causes as bail and mutual aid funds, support for artists affected by the COVID pandemic, LGBTQIA+ rights protections in the US and abroad, and more. We are committed to producing at least one show per year with a charitable focus, and we aim toward centering stories and voices aligned with our core values.

Your donation will support paying our performers and crew members for our performances, the acquisition of script and media rights, fees for maintaining the theatre as an organization, and the technical infrastructure involved in maintaining our company. We work hard to push your donation dollars directly into improving our production quality from show to show, and highlighting our incredibly talented Repertory members as often as we can; this is only made possible through the financial support of our wonderful donors, backers, ticket-purchasers, and patrons.

For your support now, and in the future, we cannot thank you enough!

We understand if you, like many people, are not in a position to offer your financial support at this time. If that is the case and you would still like to support our mission, go to our Contact page for other ways to support our work and our mission.