Past Productions

2024 Performances

Musica Universalis Book 2: Regenerational Trauma

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Because sometimes, retelling the same stories can hurt.

Worlds Elsewhere Theatre Company is pleased to present its first project this year: a TTRPG Actual Play collaboration with Fantasy Worlds Elsewhere to raise money for this year’s projects at WETC!

The Music of the Spheres is once again under threat, this time being directly attacked rather than stolen, and the repercussions are being felt throughout all levels of Story, exacerbated by the apparent death of the Author. Filling the vacancy and determined to resolve this, a being called the Historian summons a new team of heroes and tasks them with traveling to the enemy who has been coordinating these attacks – an entity known as the Producer.

The path for our chosen heroes leads through an ever-shifting forest that seems to adapt not only to those they meet along their journey but to the players themselves, forcing them to grapple with their transformative capabilities in the hopes that they can harness them against the Producer before it is too late.

Regenerational Trauma is an exploration of the transformative power of public ownership and retelling, and what is lost and gained in the process. The module has been homebrewed within the Kids on Bikes play system by our Game Matrix, Sam Marchiony, based on the original FATE module devised by FWE regular Conor Duffy, and stars FWE members old and new, as well as some guest appearances from the WETC Rep.

2023 Performances

William Shakespeare’s Coriolanus

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A tech-fabulous take on Shakespeare’s Coriolanus, Director Edward Gibbons-Brown brings us a rendition relating to our current times, both politically and technologically. This under-appreciated story of class division, economic oppression, mass communication, and political vengeance has never been more timely.

The arrogant general Caius Martius, called “Coriolanus” for his victories in war, pursues his political ambitions in a Rome wrestling with its identity in the midst of a popular uprising. However, his pride, rage, and disdain for the lower social class play into the hands of his political rivals…

Musica Universalis Adventure at the Heart of Creativity

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Announcing the soft open of the Worlds Elsewhere Theatre Company 2023 Season, a collaboration with Fantasy Worlds Elsewhere, and the culmination of our 2023 Season Fundraiser.

Can our heroes, gathered from across the theatrical and literary cosmos, be able to stop whoever is trying to silence the Music of the Spheres, replacing it with their own design and destroying all creativity forever?

Join GM Conor Duffy and a colorful cast of characters to find out!

2022 Performances

The Roaring Girl

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Worlds Elsewhere is proud to present Thomas Dekker and Thomas Middleton’s Jacobean comedy of irony based on the life of the norms-defying, cross-dressing ‘Roaring Girl’ Moll Cutpurse, with director Sam Marchiony adding a modern ‘be gay, do crimes’ spin.

Roped into a fake courtship by lovers Sebastian and Mary, Moll deals with a spying servant, chaotic youths, law enforcement, and other thieves, holding her own with a wit as sharp as her blade. Elsewhere in the city, the merchant class and their spouses have their own relationship drama, fueled by the advances and schemes of the gallants, including another fake engagement plot. Accusations of cheating abound!

Join us in this merry mockery of gender norms and societal expectations in support of the International Rescue Committee’s efforts to help Ukrainian refugees!

William Shakespeare’s Love’s Labour’s Lost

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“Navarre shall be the wonder of the world;
Our court shall be a little Academe.”

So begins William Shakespeare’s Love’s Labour’s Lost, a play where words, learning, and intellect are valued above all else. The King and Lords of Navarre have sworn to study, swearing off love and contact with the outside world; this oath is soon complicated by the arriving Princess of France and her entourage.

A battle of wits, words, and politics fills this love story that takes us on unexpected twists and turns in this play that is not quite the comedy it seems to be. Director Joshua M. Feder leads this contemporary virtual production that explores the joys and challenges of these romances, friendships, and scholarly values.

Transwarp Drive A Charity Concert to Support Trans Youth in Texas

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Announcing the Transwarp Drive, a livestreamed charity concert, hosted by WETC and Mike Fatum, benefitting Equality Texas to support trans youth in Texas.


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WETC is proud to present a new charity project, and the soft open of the Worlds Elsewhere Theatre Company 2022 Season:

On January 22nd, 2pm US ET, Jamie McConnaughy and a cast of WETC players will be playing the D&D 5e module “MacDeath”, written by Daniel DeFazio, in which a team of intrepid thanes loyal to King Duncan challenge Macbeth and his cronies for the throne. The game will be streamed live on the WETC Youtube channel as a charity stream benefitting Amnesty International and WETC.

Be bloody, bold, and resolute!

2021 Performances

Winter Spooky Chilling Tales Well Told

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Have you ever heard a noise on a winter’s night and wondered, is that the wind blowing, or a branch tapping against the window, or is it something else? Winter is a spooky time of year, and we want to lean into it, with a series of eleven scary stories read by some of your favorite Rep members. Click the banner above for the full playlist.

Qui Nguyen’s She Kills Monsters

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She Kills Monsters (Raya and the Last Dragon), written by Qui Nguyen, is the story of Agnes, a young woman dealing with the death of her sister, Tilly, by playing a Dungeons & Dragons adventure that Tilly wrote before her passing. It is a journey of self-discovery set in 1995 Ohio, and features a diverse cast of characters in both the real world, and their fantasy alter-egos, as envisioned by a nerdy 15-year-old girl.

Directed by Mike Fatum, Worlds Elsewhere Theatre Company is proud to announce our Fall 2021 Charity Stream, benefitting Trans Lifeline and Mermaids UK – two charities aimed at providing trans peer support and community care.

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“She Kills Monsters” is presented by arrangement with Concord Theatricals on behalf of Samuel French, Inc.

The Space Between A WETC Workshop Production

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Worlds Elsewhere Theatre Company has always made an effort to explore all the opportunities granted to us by the virtual theatre medium, and in that spirit, we invite you to the live, public performance of the first WETC Workshop production: a new short play, The Space Between, written by Company Member Meredith Cook and directed by co-founder Kyle Kallgren.\n\n

A century into the future, Kore, a college student, is on an intergalactic journey to find her brother. At space station after space station, she meets the same mysterious stranger, whose business plans lead them on a journey that seems to be intertwined with Kore’s. Through a series of vignettes, they uncover more about each other’s secrets, and what stays constant as the galaxy changes around them.

Check out our Behind the Scenes video!

2021 Summer Cabaret

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Join Repertory members and newcomers as they sing, dance, monologue, and more, in a celebration of summer, renewal, and the work we still must do.

William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar

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Friends, Romans, Netizens, lend us your ears!

It is a time of turbulence in Rome as Caesar is celebrating his victory over rival Pompey. Many are thrilled but some remain more skeptical of Caesar’s consolidation of power. How are the interests of Rome best served?

Director Meryl Federman leads Worlds Elsewhere theatre company in William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. Genderblind casting and “timeless” styling prompt us to take a fresh look at the responsibilities of those who hold power in a society.

2020 Performances

A Winter Cabaret

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Streaming on December 19th at 5PM EST on YouTube, join the talented ensemble of Worlds Elsewhere as they sing, dance, monologue and more as a celebration for making it through a very long and difficult year.

Many of our performers have been involved in our productions of A Midsummer Night’s Charity Stream and Lysistrata, so don’t miss out on it!


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Worlds Elsewhere Theatre Company Presents: Lysistrata by Aristophanes, Translated by George Theodoridis, Directed By Ilana Greenberg-Sud.

The Greek city-states are at war, but Lysistrata, a woman of Athens, thinks the war is wasteful and stupid, and wants it to end. But her wants are no mere idle musing! She has a plan to make the men in power listen, but she can’t do it alone.

In a socially distant, modern-dress presentation of Aristophanes’ classic comedy, translated to the vernacular by George Theodoridis and edited by Ilana Greenberg-Sud, we’ll learn just how much has and has not changed since the days of Ancient Greece.

A Midsummer Night’s Charity Stream

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On Jun 20th, 2020, In support of Black Lives Matter, #8toAbolish, and community bail funds across the country, the Worlds Elsewhere Theatre Company hosted a charity drive as its first production — a full live-streamed performance of William Shakespeare’s comic masterpiece A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Worlds Elsewhere supported donations to the Community Bail Fund, a 70+ collection of bail funds, mutual aid funds, and racial justice organizations, curated by ActBlue.

Donors who made donations before the curtain fell on A Midsummer Night’s Charity Stream’s Act IV were thanked on stream, and the top three donors got a special surprise during Act V.