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Musica Universalis Book 2: Regenerational Trauma

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Because sometimes, retelling the same stories can hurt.

Worlds Elsewhere Theatre Company is pleased to present its first project this year: a TTRPG Actual Play collaboration with Fantasy Worlds Elsewhere to raise money for this year’s projects at WETC!

The Music of the Spheres is once again under threat, this time being directly attacked rather than stolen, and the repercussions are being felt throughout all levels of Story, exacerbated by the apparent death of the Author. Filling the vacancy and determined to resolve this, a being called the Historian summons a new team of heroes and tasks them with traveling to the enemy who has been coordinating these attacks – an entity known as the Producer.

The path for our chosen heroes leads through an ever-shifting forest that seems to adapt not only to those they meet along their journey but to the players themselves, forcing them to grapple with their transformative capabilities in the hopes that they can harness them against the Producer before it is too late.

Regenerational Trauma is an exploration of the transformative power of public ownership and retelling, and what is lost and gained in the process. The module has been homebrewed within the Kids on Bikes play system by our Game Matrix, Sam Marchiony, based on the original FATE module devised by FWE regular Conor Duffy, and stars FWE members old and new, as well as some guest appearances from the WETC Rep.

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