Worlds Elsewhere Theatre Company Presents:
A Winter Cabaret


Streaming on December 19th at 5PM EST on YouTube, join the talented ensemble of Worlds Elsewhere as they sing, dance, monologue and more as a celebration for making it through a very long and difficult year.

Many of our performers have been involved in our productions of A Midsummer Night’s Charity Stream and Lysistrata, so don’t miss out on it!

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Company Artistic Statement

Theatre, given its nature as a medium made of people in space, has always been a first victim during times of plague.

When the COVID-19 pandemic spread through the world at the start of the year 2020, theatres closed, and millions were left unemployed.

Worlds Elsewhere Theatre Company was founded during this terrifying time. It is our mission to create theatre without a theatre - to create a space online that can serve as a theatrical one. Our company shall create an online space that serves the same function that theatre has served for millennia – as a place of catharsis and healing.

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About This Production

At the end of a particularly terrible year, Worlds Elsewhere’s first cabaret is meant to be many things. First, it is a celebration. During the harsh winter months it is traditional in many cultures to celebrate community, as a way both to weather the harsh months to come and to celebrate the accomplishments of the past year. Our performers, all veterans of past WE productions, are here to celebrate the talent they’ve nurtured and the community they’ve built in a new, socially distant world.

Second, it is a call to action. Worlds Elsewhere Theatre Company’s first year has been primarily charity-driven, but in the coming year we want to be able to support artists. So, we are asking for the support of you, the audience. This may involve licensing newer works not in the public domain, spending on tech, costumes, and props for our performers, or compensating our performers and administrative staff for productions that are not directly associated with a charitable event. As a new organization, we’ll need to retain the services of lawyers to help us get set up as an LLC, then to establish and maintain our status as a 501(c)(3) organization so we can directly handle funds for our charitable efforts, rather than simply directing people to an outside site to donate. All this can be realized with our Indiegogo campaign which ends Dec 21, 11:59pm ET.

And third, this cabaret is a wail of exhaustion. So we have a lineup of songs and stories for the end of an insane year. Bring on some catharsis, cause…DAMN.


Cast and Crew


Dylan Boyd (“Solstice Carole”; he/him) is a recent graduate from Oxford University studying physics, who replicated Wyrd Sister’s arrangement of “Solstice Carole” by ear, and joins Harry in performing the vocals.

Harry Boyd (“Solstice Carole”, “Let It Snow”; he/him) has been a professional actor-muso for over six years since training at GSA and prior to lockdown was touring with the west end tour of Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story. Since lockdown, Harry has been repeatedly working with leading online performance companies including Worlds Elsewhere, of course, and has moved into professional voice acting and singing. Currently Harry is working for Stakester in their Christmas ads. (@harryboydactor on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook;

Jacob Brode (“Nicholas Was…”, “Let It Snow”; he/him) — High school Physics and Math Teacher by day, Jake is thrilled to be taking part in the Worlds Elsewhere Theater Company’s Winter Cabaret! Jake has spent over a decade in college and community theater, with plenty of directing, writing, scenic design, and other production roles under his belt. You see more of Jake on the Database Ranger’s Power Reviews YouTube channel, where he engages in adventure-filled Power Rangers meta-analyses alongside his wonderful wife, MJ. (@DatabaseRanger on Twitter and YouTube, DBRangersPowerReviews / DRProductionCompany on Facebook)

Emily Clark (“The Egg Nog Song”, “Let It Snow”, MC; she/her) is an LA-based actor, producer, teacher, director, and YouTuber. Her web series, Stealing Focus, delves into all things Musical Theatre, including reviews and history lessons. Worlds Elsewhere: Lysistrata (Female Chorus) A Midsummer Night’s Charity Stream (Titania). Los Angeles Cabaret: (Mostly) Musicals, Rated RSO: The Music & Lyrics of Ryan Scott Oliver, Play Club Cabaret, Musical Mondays, A Little New Music, and Slightly Dramatic (Emily’s one-person show). Some favorite shows: Annie (Miss Hannigan), Jane Austen’s Emma Frankenstein (Emma), Mr. Burns: a post-electric play (Edna, LA Premiere), 35MM: A Musical Exhibition (Emily, LA Premiere), HAiR (Jeanie), and Assassins (Squeaky Fromme). Graduate of UC Santa Cruz, Los Angeles County High School for the Arts, Shakespeare Santa Cruz, and the Upright Citizens Brigade. Artistic Director of The Unknown Artists, Sacred Fools Theater Company Associate Member. Twitter: @emilyabclark

Meredith Cook (“The Christians and the Pagans”, “Let It Snow”; she/her) is an actor and playwright based out of Southern California, and this is her second production with Worlds Elsewhere! You may have seen her as Caloniki in their production of Lysistrata last October. She is currently getting her Associate’s Degree in Theatre Arts at Fullerton College. You can find her on Instagram @meredithinaflowercrown! She also wants to thank from the bottom of her heart everyone that has donated.

Mike Fatum (“You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch”, MC, video editor; he/him) is a host of the Ace of Geeks Podcast, a wonderful excuse for three friends to hang out and talk about the culture that shapes us. He’s also the Community Manager for Star Trek Online, a sword fight choreographer and theatre director in the Bay Area. Black Lives Matter, Trans Rights Are Human Rights. Teach kids compassion early, and put an end to bullying once and for all. You can find him on Twitter @VengeanceGOD.

Jasmine Garcia (“Once Upon a December”, “This Year”, “Let It Snow”; she/her) is eager to once again be a part of a Worlds Elsewhere production. You might recognize her from her return to theatre as the somewhat unhinged Kallyki in the company’s production of Lysistrata back in October. Tonight she has the pleasure of being part of a number of different performances in their Winter Cabaret. In spite of how terrible this year has been, she has been looking forward to the holiday season in hopes of spreading some cheer, and hopes tonight’s show will be part of that. Much love and thanks to her friends and family. May someone hold you safe and warm, let’s continue to make it through this year, and if all else fails, let it snow.

When he is not playing despicable old men like Egeus (A Midsummer Night’s Dream) or Strynidoros (Lysistrata), Henry Kathman (“Snusmumrikens vårvisa/Snufkin’s Spring Song”, “Let It Snow”; he/him) is an English Teacher and Video Essayist who writes about Animation, Literature, Film, and Philosophy. You find him on his Twitter @kathmanhenry, his podcast The Pink Aisle, and his Youtube Channel. To perform in this company is a great honor, and he hopes that you will consider giving your support in his endeavors. Henry’s backing track is composed by ‘The Wright Step’; you can support his music and work on his YouTube, Spotify, and Twitter!

David Kowarsky (“Let It Snow”; he/him) is a voiceover artist, bari-bass vocalist, director/producer of audiodrama, and a co-founder of Worlds Elsewhere Theatre Company. He wants everyone to know that it’s OK if you’ve lost track of some things this year and is confident you’ll find it again. By day, he leverages his Folklore and Mythology degree as a production manager at Cornerstone OnDemand in their Studios division, producing world-class learning content for a global client base of over 7000 companies.

River Lane (“Let It Snow”; she/her/they/them) was last spotted as Philourgos in Lysistrata. Now they’re helping sing Let It Snow and modding the Youtube chat. They can be found bopping around on the internet on Twitter @DreamsRebel and Tumblr at

Sam Logsdon/Hot Toddie (“Caution: Invisible Ice”, “Let It Snow”; they/them) made their debut with Worlds Elsewhere Theatre Company with their production of Lysistrata. When they aren’t in drag or performing virtually, Sam works as a voiceover artist, producing audiobooks and promotional material. Their Podcast, “Happy Ever After Party”, is in its second season, and they will also be appearing in a Pittsburgh based sitcom, streaming on YouTube, in 2021. You can support them and find their work: Dreadful Pennies Productions, Happy Ever After Party, ACX, Guided Meditations by Sam

Sam Marchiony (“What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve?”, “Let It Snow”; she/her) is the creator of La Femme Fictionale, a YouTube channel dedicated to feminist media criticism and smashing the kyriarchy. Her next episode, “Remember the Ladies: Women in Revolutionary Musicals,” is planned for release by the end of 2020. In addition to subscribing to her channel, you can follow her on Twitter (@FemmeFictionale). Special love to Laura Crone, who originally conceived this song arrangement and made the backing track, and thanks to everyone at Worlds Elsewhere for creating this amazing family and being a wonderful thing in a terrible year.

RJ Mayo (“The Singing Sister”; they/them) is an actor in Toronto, Ontario, where they are in their second year of a three-year theatre program. They have previously appeared in Worlds Elsewhere’s production of Lysistrata as Nikothiki, the female Skythian. Past credits with other companies include various roles in Love and Information, Assistant Director for As You Like It, Orsino in Twelfth Night, Helena in All’s Well That Ends Well, and Ophelia in Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead. You can find incredibly intermittent content on their Youtube channel, RJ Mayo.

Jamie McConnaughy (“When Peace Broke Out”, “New Year’s Resolution”; she/her) is a 30-year-old Alaskan-born cinephile, and this middle part of the bio was originally something self-deprecating, but she’s been trying to resolve to be nicer to herself this coming year, so she’s just going to say that she’s incredibly honored to be consistently included with the Worlds Elsewhere Theatre. Her twitter can be found at @elessar42 and her tumblr at, where she announces and discusses most of her other projects and also talks about The Lord of the Rings way too much.

Hannah Moran (“River”; she/her) is so excited to be part of this special Worlds Elsewhere production! Previous Worlds Elsewhere credits include A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Unnamed Fairy) and Lysistrata (The Corinthian/Lady Peace). Hannah started studying for her Master’s this fall, but she also produces song covers of questionable quality on her YouTube channel. She can also be found on Twitter @HannahBea_Moran. She hopes that, through her performance, people remember that it’s okay to feel sad even during one of the happiest times of year. Thanks to everyone at WETC!

Maciek Nowak/Wensleydale Cheddar (“When Peace Broke Out”, “Let It Snow”; they/them) is a stammering mess of a manga podcaster and video essayist from Poland. English phonetician and animator by trade, they discuss short series in Manga Mosaic and read through World Trigger volume by volume in Duckface Diaries, mostly talking about structure, character dynamics and political readings. Look out for their animated fantasy series, Pengantar, coming out in 2021? Hopefully? Probably? Eh, don’t count on it. (@WensleyCheddar on Twitter, find their podcasts and video essays here: YoutubeAnchorSpotifyApple Podcasts).

Refractory Period (“Chiron Beta Prime”, “This Year”, “Let It Snow”) are a two girls, one uke, gay punk rock sensation consisting of girlfriends Alex Vernon (she/her) and Peter Miss (she/her). The band’s seminal performances took place at online sex shows, where they performed the Refractory Period halftime shows. They are both very excited to be a part of the Worlds Elsewhere Theatre Company Winter Cabaret! You can follow their antics on Instagram at @refractoryperiodtheband.

Daniel Russell (“The ‘War on Christmas’”; he/him) is thrilled to once again work with Worlds Elsewhere. You might have seen him as the dude with the lion head in the company’s previous production of A Midsummer Night’s Charity Stream and a grumpy old man in Lysistrata. He’d like to thank all of his collaborators on this project, and to remind you that antifascism starts at home.

Grady W Smithey III (“When Peace Broke Out”; he/him) has played the Magistrate in Lysistrata and Snout in A Midsummer Night’s Charity Stream for Worlds Elsewhere, Arnold in Sinatra for A Light In Dark Places, Kokol in Marat/Sade for L.I.P. Service, and Grumpy Old Manchild in The Cartoon Physicist’s Very Late 2nd Anniversary. He is not actually old enough to have served during World War 1, but sometimes he feels as though he could be. (@snakebitcat on Twitter)

Morgan Stutler (“This Year”; he/him) — An aspiring voice actor and printer technician originally from Michigan, Morgan moved to Richmond, Virginia in early 2018 and has been a happy presence with Worlds Elsewhere through several productions as he works towards a proper presence online. A student of Italian swordsmanship and martial arts, a gamer, LARPer, singer, and student of history, Morgan is reachable on Twitter @MrMorphine482.


Director/Video Editor: Kyle Kallgren (“This Year”; he/him), co-founder of Worlds Elsewhere Theatre Company, was born during a transporter accident where a copy of Stan Lee’s How to Draw Comics The Marvel Way! was fused with a copy of Umberto Eco’s Six Walks in the Fictional Woods, and the result looked into the mirror and said, “Meh.” He has been making Video Internet Content professionally for ten years and his work can be found littered across the internet, in particular on youtube/KyleKallgrenBHH. He directed the WE company’s inaugural charity production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, where he also played Theseus. He’s incredibly excited about the future of WE and for the next year of online theatre!

Assistant Director: Bex Silberfein (“Light One Candle”; she/her) is thrilled to be back in a Worlds Elsewhere production! She’d like to thank Kyle for letting her assistant direct, and Ilana for introducing her to the incredible “Light One Candle” by Peter, Paul, and Mary. She can be found at Bex_Silberfein on insta and @MeddlingMeddy on twitter. Happy Holidays!

Producer/Stage Manager: Ilana Greenberg-Sud (“The Long Road to Shehecheyanu”; she/her/they/them) usually prefers to hibernate between Halloween and Passover, but, as they say, the show must go on. In addition to helping found Worlds Elsewhere, she made her directorial re-debut in October with Lysistrata, and produced A Midsummer Night’s Charity Stream. She is honored to work with such a wonderful group of performers, and is excited to see what will come next.

Technical Director: Dodger of Zion’s (she/her) last technical work was for Worlds Elsewhere’s production of Lysistrata. She is also responsible for the spawning of the “Hail the Cone” meme. She streams on, and is the Philadelphia sports contributor to the weekly YouTube sports podcast The Dumpster Fire. When she’s not streaming or pushing buttons to bring virtual theatre to the world, she can be found playing Animal Crossing, yelling at football, and planting potatoes.

Writer: Jack Nee (“When Peace Broke Out”; no pronouns) was seen in Lysistrata with Worlds Elsewhere and is a theatre practitioner currently focusing on documentary theatre while advocating for safe and equitable representation for performers and playwrights, starting at home. The work continues.

Company Staff

Executive Director — Kyle Kallgren
Producer — David Kowarsky
Producer — Ilana Greenberg-Sud
Technical Director — Dodger of Zion
Social Media Director — Laura Varela
Web Development — Adrianne Greenberg-Sud and Alexandra Vernon


Banner art by Laura Varela.

“Jingle Bells” by Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License

“Two Together” by Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License

“Winter Chimes” by Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License

The background for David’s “Let it Snow” is “Slow Motion Snowfall in Washington State” by Cody Logan, used under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license

“Waltz of the Flowers” by Peter Tchaikovsky, from the YouTube Audio Library

Morgan’s Background: “This Is Fine” by KC Green

Backing track for “When Peace Broke Out” is “The Lark Ascending by Ralph Vaughn Williams perf. live by Hilary Hahn at the George Enescu Festival”

Bex’s backing track: “Light One Candle” from PianoTrax

Mike’s karaoke track: “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch” from Karafun

Jasmine’s karaoke track: “Once Upon a December” from Karafun

Sam’s karaoke track: “Santa Baby” from Karaoke Junkies on Youtube